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Elephanta Caves Mumbai

Half day


Your guided tour commences with Gateway of India - an architectural marvel that scores over other buildings in Mumbai. Having advantages of both location and architectural construction.

An excursion by ferry from the Gateway to Elephanta caves takes about 45 minutes. Carved out of rock and have also been given the recognition of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Known in ancient times as Gharapuri, the present name Elephanta, was given by 17th century Portuguese explorers, after seeing a monolithic basalt sculpture of an elephant found here near the entrance. They decided to take it home but ended up dropping it into the sea because their chains were not strong enough.

An interesting walk through open ended caves depicting sculptures of Hindu god Lord Shiva and his family. 


With steep steps and long walks involved from the jetty point to the actual site, therefore people with restricted walking & health conditions could avoid. However, palanquin services are available for a royal treatment should you wish to explore the site.

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